‘Frightening’ drug-resistant strain of typhoid spreads in Pakistan

A drug-resistant strainof typhoid is spreading in Pakistan, leads some researchers warns they could make the clock return 70 years, while the survive of this ills is a lucky issue rather than treatment. During 6 months, more than 2000 people in Pakistan have been infected Salmonella bacteria typoid extended drug-resistant, according to Natioanl Institute Heath... Continue Reading →


Our ancestors may have left Africa hundreds of thousands of years earlier than thought

Over 2 million years ago, our ancestors were already world travelers, treeking all the way from Africa to Asia, according to stone tools found on the cliff face in the north China. The age of tools suggests that the forebears of modern human left Africa at least 250,000 years ago, it also supports the minor... Continue Reading →

Are some primates wired for sexual harassment?

According to a new study, male baboon harass and assault females are more likely to mate with them, add more evidence shows that sexual intimidation may be a common mating strategy among promiscuous mammals. The study's authors even argued that these findings could shed light the evolutionary origins of our species behavior, though others are... Continue Reading →

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