Google A.I wins Chinese Go Master

It's all over for humanity - at least in the games of Go. For the second game, the computer program of Google named AlphaGo defeat the world's best player of what many consider the most the complicated board game. AlphaGo will play its competitor, the Chinese 19-year-old man Ke Jie, once on Saturday in the... Continue Reading →


The way whale became the biggest on Earth

Whale is big. Really big. Very enormous. Tremendously big. Fin whale can be 140.000 pounds. Bow head whale can have the scale of 200.000 pounds. Blue whale can reach the weight of 380.000 pounds, make it the biggest animal to have ever lived. But until whales make us astonished with their big scale, people have... Continue Reading →

How to plan an eco-friendly vacation right way

If you go on vacation, you will leave a charcoal smudges after your wake. You cannot help it. Air planes spews carbon dioxide, hotels guzzles water gallons to launder sheets  and towels, and thirsty tourists use plastic bottle of water. But don't let the guilt ruin your vacation. Eco-friendly activities can raise the remorse and... Continue Reading →

Four food myths about improving diet

  Myth 1: You should avoid fruit if you are cutting back on sugar. Truth: Eat more fruit, not less. When experts say that you should limit sugar intake, they are talking about added sugar, those poured into baked cookie, candy, cereal, fruit juice, tomato sauce, soda and the like. Natural sugar in fruit is... Continue Reading →

Are probiotics good for your health ?

Probiotics are welcomed as the next super star in treatment and disease prevention for ailments such as irritable bowel, allergies, and obesity. The fans state that these probiotics will nourish your microbes in your gut and break the "bad" microbes. As a result, you will experience better digestion and a healthier immune system and a hotter... Continue Reading →

Green forest could cover Antarctica in the future

Green forest could replace the thick ice layer under the impact of climate change.  According to researches published in 18/5 on Current Biology, Dr. Matthew Amersbury  from Exter University, England said that the phenomenal of banks of mosses expansion in the Antarctica is the striking evidence of climate change in the coldest on Earth. Everyone think that... Continue Reading →

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