Mapping Mexico’s hidden graves

More than 30.000 people have disappeared without a trace in Mexico, most since violence raised when minister started to fight against drugs cartels in 2006. Police's investigations rarely solved such crime, so that many families are left to search on their own for hidden graves that may hold their relatives. Last week, a group of... Continue Reading →


How chimps outmuscle humans

Contrary to well-known legend portrays chimpanzees as having super strength, studies only show the modest difference with humans. But our closest relatives are slightly stronger by several measures, and now a study compare muscle fibers of different primates shows a perspective explanation: Human may have traded strength for endurance, allows us to go further for... Continue Reading →

Computers are starting to reason like humans

How many parks are near the new house you are thinking to buy? What is the best diner-wine pairing at a restaurant? These daily questions require the relational reasoning, a major component of higher thought that has been hard for artificial intelligence to catch up. Now, researchers at Deep Mind of Google has developed a... Continue Reading →

Milky Way’s loner status is upheld

If the Milky Way exists in the biggest cosmic void ever observed, it could solve the puzzle mismatch between the ways to measure how fast the universe expanding. Observations of 120,000 galaxies raise the loner status of Milky Way was presented by Benjamin Hoscheit at a meeting of Astronomical Association of USA in Austin, Texas.... Continue Reading →

Legalizing ivory trade won’t save elephants

Killing elephants legally is the best way to save them? The controversial idea will have a hearing next week at the conservation meeting in South Africa, where elephant-rich African nations will try cancel a global ban on ivory trade and substitute it with the legal trade of tusks from carefully controlled elephants. Some people argue... Continue Reading →

Climate change is keeping us awake at night

In 2015, a record hot wave  roasted  South California. At the time, Nick Obradovich, was a student at University of California at San Diego. During the day, he said, all people in campus became sluggish and unsatisfied. Obradovich, a member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology said "In some nights of heat wave, I laid on... Continue Reading →

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