What makes dogs so friendly? Study finds genetic link to super-outgoing people

That is the biggest perks of being a dog owner: your dog is excited when you come home, wagging tail, wiggling body and licking you with its tongue. Now, scientists state that they have pinned down genetic basis of this affection.... Using the clues from human with a genetic disorder that make them unusual friendly,... Continue Reading →


Tiny fossil reveals what happened to birds after dinosaurs went extinct

The fossils of a tiny bird found on Native American land in New Mexico are giving scientists new ideas about what happened after most dinosaurs went extinct. A 62-million year-old mouse bird shows that, after the great dino die-off, bird rebounded and diversify rapidly, make today's dizzying variety of feathery form. The newly found fossils,... Continue Reading →

Are some primates wired for sexual harassment?

According to a new study, male baboon harass and assault females are more likely to mate with them, add more evidence shows that sexual intimidation may be a common mating strategy among promiscuous mammals. The study's authors even argued that these findings could shed light the evolutionary origins of our species behavior, though others are... Continue Reading →

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