Stories: How cats conquered the world, stratospheric balloon commercialized, and bird eggs explained

An astonishing simple explanation for the shape of bird eggs. A sandpiper's egg is shaped like a teardrop, a owl is like a golf ball, and a hummingbird is like a jelly bean. A scientist team made a computer program, dubbed Eggxtractor, to analyze thousands of egg shells from 1400 species. And now they have... Continue Reading →


Cheap catalysts turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into fuel

Researchers have long dreamed of imitating photosynthesis, by using solar energy to make hydrocarbon fuel from CO2 and water. Now, a cheap chemical catalyst has carried out part of this process with the record efficiency, using electricity from solar cell to split CO2 into energy-rich carbon monoxide and oxygen. The conversion is not yet enough... Continue Reading →

Computers are starting to reason like humans

How many parks are near the new house you are thinking to buy? What is the best diner-wine pairing at a restaurant? These daily questions require the relational reasoning, a major component of higher thought that has been hard for artificial intelligence to catch up. Now, researchers at Deep Mind of Google has developed a... Continue Reading →

Milky Way’s loner status is upheld

If the Milky Way exists in the biggest cosmic void ever observed, it could solve the puzzle mismatch between the ways to measure how fast the universe expanding. Observations of 120,000 galaxies raise the loner status of Milky Way was presented by Benjamin Hoscheit at a meeting of Astronomical Association of USA in Austin, Texas.... Continue Reading →

Legalizing ivory trade won’t save elephants

Killing elephants legally is the best way to save them? The controversial idea will have a hearing next week at the conservation meeting in South Africa, where elephant-rich African nations will try cancel a global ban on ivory trade and substitute it with the legal trade of tusks from carefully controlled elephants. Some people argue... Continue Reading →

Climate change is keeping us awake at night

In 2015, a record hot wave  roasted  South California. At the time, Nick Obradovich, was a student at University of California at San Diego. During the day, he said, all people in campus became sluggish and unsatisfied. Obradovich, a member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology said "In some nights of heat wave, I laid on... Continue Reading →

Google A.I wins Chinese Go Master

It's all over for humanity - at least in the games of Go. For the second game, the computer program of Google named AlphaGo defeat the world's best player of what many consider the most the complicated board game. AlphaGo will play its competitor, the Chinese 19-year-old man Ke Jie, once on Saturday in the... Continue Reading →

The way whale became the biggest on Earth

Whale is big. Really big. Very enormous. Tremendously big. Fin whale can be 140.000 pounds. Bow head whale can have the scale of 200.000 pounds. Blue whale can reach the weight of 380.000 pounds, make it the biggest animal to have ever lived. But until whales make us astonished with their big scale, people have... Continue Reading →

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